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"Peace comes with whole-hearted, unrestricted cooperation with reality"

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Barbara Friedman, Ph.D.

Benefits for you

Cultivate joy, gratitude, compassion, and kindness toward self and others


Reduce suffering 

Free yourself from reactivity, addictions, clinging, and grasping

Increase peace, acceptance, energy and enthusiasm

Create flexibility and make room for transformation

Who I am

I am a licensed clinical psychologist, Jungian psychoanalyst, experienced Buddhist practitioner, certified Yoga teacher and an addictions specialist with over 40 years of experience.


I offer skills in utilizing dreams, creativity, movement, and spiritual practices to connect body mind and sprit.

Creating a sacred safe space where transformation can occur.



phone: 216-780-8386


Jung provides us with dream, myth, and image as the middle way –- the bridge between conscious and unconscious. 


Gracemount Elementary School. 


This is the earliest childhood dream I can recall.

In the dream I’m called to the principal’s office in my elementary school. I’m to go into the old building and bring a kindergarten boy back to the principal’s office in the new building. I feel it is an honor to be given this mission. 


In retrospect I understand that my life’s journey would involve bringing an undeveloped “masculine” energy to a new principle.

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